sunsetting parts of

1 minute read Published: 2019-05-04

I am (mostly) retiring my git and fossil webinterface.

Future release of source code will happen directly as tarballs. For the future I might re-release some of the source repositories, once I'm done with my mercurial/hg implementation. Everything which needs a significant amount of colab will be handled as exceptions.

cgit shutdown

1 minute read Published: 2018-12-07

I am taking down the cgit based webview on and It will not be replace by any other view, though I will either expose some repositories on request via stagit or (with patience) have a listing on this website about repositories.

Server update

1 minute read Published: 2017-11-26

Updates on the server:

  • The searx instance running at has been updated to version 0.13.1. If you happen to use this instance of searx and read this, please ; consider supporting it with a donation, it might even be possible to move this server to a faster uplink one day.