1 minute read Published: 2017-11-30

After a long break on fish-guix development, I have released version of fish-guix today.

This release includes basic completions for the new guix weather command and some minor fixes. The license has been changed from CC0-1.0 to BSD-3.

palemoon 27.3.0 for Guix

1 minute read Published: 2017-07-13

Yesterday I finished a package I worked on for many moons.

I don’t really consider the code good (yet) and I would also like to point out the privacy issues (default startpage is a landing page with advertisment etc) and the questionable license (the source is open, the distribution of binaries not).

fish-guix 0.1.1

1 minute read Published: 2017-04-29

I have released version 0.1.1 of fish-guix (completions for Guix for the FISH shell) yesterday with no release message/details.

status update

2 minute read Published: 2017-04-22

I’ve had my ~2 months break to recollect thoughts, reflect on what I have already achieved and now the time to plan new projects.

Breaks are good. You are mostly in it for life, and often work as a volunteer is not being payed you do it because you care. To grow tired of the project because of frustration is not good. Take a break if you do. Rest, find your inner calm, if you have enough money to travel and couchsurfing do that. Start some other hobbies or pick them up again, but balance is important.

Guix and GNUnet FS - a public draft

3 minute read Published: 2017-04-21

This article is a public draft, expect it to change. At this point it mostly originates from chats with some minor edits. If you read this, keep in mind: The pieces of information contained in here do not reflect the current ideas and research I keep offline.