on DAGs

3 minute read Published: 2017-10-01

This incomplete draft draft uses simplifications and generalizations, no technical correctness is implied. This does not reflect the authors knowledge of the topic, it is just a draft to keep thoughts on a topic.

in music - GNUnet and its potential for artists

4 minute read Published: 2017-08-05

krosos started at some time around 2000 or 2002 with myself (ng0) doing live rehearsals with other people. The line-up changed many times, and issues (not related to people but composition and rehearsal) lead to the conclusion that krosos can't exist as a group formation. With the last line-up I produced (not: recorded) one EP ("Journey through Darkness") and one Album ("I"), both never saw the light of day until today and instead krosos went on hiatus.

draft: infotropique roadmap

4 minute read Published: 2017-04-10

This occasionally updated posts describes the tentative roadmap of infotropique projects. Since I am not very good with being bothered to updated such documents, it naturally does not reflect ALL of infotropique. Eventually this will be moved to infotropique.org.