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oneko is a maintenance and incremental improvement of oneko-sakura, a modified version of oneko by Akihiro KAYAMA. oneko-sakura, the one this oneko is based on, was originally based on this oneko.

oneko is a game for X11 where a character chases your pointer.


Releases of the current development of oneko are not available as tarballs yet. They will be made available at and packaged for pkgsrc.


This section is largely taken from

oneko-sakura bitmaps are written by Kiichiroh Mukose. oneko is written by Tatsuya Kato, based on 'xneko' written by Masayuki Koba, and modified by many other people. (See also history of oneko)

The last release of oneko-sakura happened in the late 90s, and I was curious to see it run on modern day NetBSD.

source version control

The source code of oneko with changes since oneko-1.2.sakura5 import is tracked at github in git.


For the full license clarification, read LICENSE. The gist is that code of oneko-sakura is public-domain, my changes were 2-clause BSD licensed and are now public-domain/0-clause BSD licensed. I'm investigating the artwork, which is not 100% clear about the license at all past distributors.

contributing (etc)

I don't have much time to dedicate to this. I don't intend to break much of the original behavior of the application unless absolutely necessary. It's a pet project, not a project I do with primary focus. If you find a bug, have patches, or want to take on improvements or items I've written down in the TODO file in the repository, at best you send a git formated patch (or any other kind of patch format) via Email, or send me a link to a repository where your changes are located.

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