software: javascript longterm backports

Long story short, I got annoyed every time I've hit an assumption about supported OS which most of the time isn't correct. The fixed packages here have 2 states:
As npm and yarn seem to only support git sources, tarballs will be released and the current work happens in git at this location. Later on I might consider either forking npm, yarn to add mercurial support to them or write my own package manager which could handle this better.
I acknowledge that the current js package managers are either broken on a technical or on a social level, which make dependency graph injections in retrospective like this necessary. The only motivation here is to remove "drömpels". Assumptions about supported OS are (most of the time) wrong. When you use an OS which people might not be aware of (NixOS, GuixSD) or people are not sure wether it is supported (NetBSD, FreeBSD, OpenBSD), you run into walls which require you to patch more than necessary as a systems package maintainer. When you use one of those systems for your work, and this work involves using modern javascript packages, you are (most of the time) stuck or get unnecessary warnings.