technology projects


  • Since 2019 I am working on NetBSD and its projects, mainly focusing on pkgsrc where I maintain additional software and port software to NetBSD.


  • From 2015 to march 2021 I was the maintainer of gnurl, a specialized curl fork mainly used by gnunet and Taler.
  • From 2015 to march 2021 I worked on gnunet as a member of GNUnet eV.
  • From 2015 to 2019 I contributed over 500 patches to GNU Guix, with occasional patches after 2019.

elsewhere on the web

As an Open Sourcery developer, some of my work can be found at:

bugs found and other contributions (incomplete)

repositories and other projects

Public repositories I participated in. I have tried to create a partial list of everything I’ve contributed to in the last years.

  • As part of The NetBSD Foundation:
  • GNU Guix - Functional package manager
  • As part of GNUnet e.V., partial selection
    • gnunet - GNUnet is a network protocol stack for building secure, distributed, and privacy-preserving applications. With strong roots in academic research, our goal is to replace the old insecure Internet protocol stack. This is the main implementation written in C.
    • bibliography - Repository with our publications, the datastore currently used by gnunetbib.
    • gnunet-ev - Association data by GNUnet e.V.
    • gnunet-ext - Example extension in C for gnunet.
    • gnunet-fuse - A fuse module for gnunet FS. Mount directories shared via gnunet FS.
    • gnunet-gtk - GTK interface for gnunet
    • gnunet-guile
    • libmicrohttpd
    • libmicrohttpd, GSoC 2019
    • gnunetbib
    • libextractor-python
    • presentations
    • www - Jinja2 framework powered website, build with www_shared which I wrote for Taler and GNUnet.
    • www_shared - Mostly public-domain licensed/dedicated website generator using Jinja2. It mainly serves as a building block for and, including an rss/atom generator, news entry processing (‘blog’), and more.
    • libextractor
  • packaging, Gentoo:
  • As part of GNU Taler:
  • Various Contributions:
    • ldmud
    • Nift - cross-platform open source framework for managing and generating websites, written in C++. I maintained the pkgsrc package and contributed mainly portability fixes and build-system improvements.
    • Go - The Go Programming language.
    • OTP/Erlang - The Erlang programming language and the OTP libraries.
    • Surfraw - Shell interface to some websites and search-engines.
    • MesCC-tools
    • Nix - Functional package manager written in C++ and Nix. I contributed build-system portability fixes when I initially wanted to port it to pkgsrc and NetBSD/amd64.
    • doas
    • Gentoo - bugreports and ebuilds (some named, some unnamed)

Some of the repositories can be found in various states on GitHub.