I am looking for a job

gnurl 7.70.0 is the last curl fork release I will (probably) be getting paid for.

From August 2018 to roughly 2 months ago I worked for Taler SA (GNU Taler) as DevOps, or as I’d rather put it: Consulting System Administrator and Software Engineer / Developer.

So, if you read this and know a company (or work for one) which counts in many hours of Open Source work towards professional experience, I now have at least 5 years of experience working in teams of various sizes. I’ve maintained gnurl on my own since about 2015 as an integral core dependency for GNUnet and Taler. I have done lots of Python related work. Experience with C in so far that I did optimize the TCP code for libmicrohttpd in Google Summer of Code 2019. I like writing documentation (see the work over at gnunet, inside gnunet and around gnunet). My main interests I try to focus on in improving my skills are: Operating Systems, Distributed Networks, Network Engineering, Compiler and Language Design, Reproducible Software Development, Reproducible Systems, Portability. These interests are reflected in my contributions to GNU Guix (more than 500 patches), doing major work in GNUnet and working on NetBSD and pkgsrc, and countless other projects.

In short:

Hi, I’m looking for a new job. Please hire me even when the world is in a bit of distress right now. Willing to do DevOps, Engineering, Web Development, C, Python, learning a whole bunch of languages at the moment (most actively: Nim and Go), experience in packaging, porting, build-systems, server administration, very active Open Source community member for over 5 years, people I work with can tell you I’m great in teams, you can find my CV here.

At the moment I have 0 income and I’m doing mainly job interviews and search for jobs.

I will continue to update this post, I just needed something to replace my pinned post on social media networks.


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2020-05-03 00:00 +0000