GnuPG key changes 2020-04-25

I’m changing my PGP key. Additionally I have stopped my usage of the SKS Keyservers a while ago, so earlier changes might’ve not been included in a refresh if you use those.

I’m going to revoke the old key as soon as I have the key changes for NetBSD and GNU finished. My new key details are listed below.

  • rsa4096/0xD6B570842F7E7F8D
  • created: 2020-04-24
  • expires: 2022-04-19
  • Key fingerprint: 6115 012D EA30 26F6 2A98 A556 D6B5 7084 2F7E 7F8D
  • Retrival URLs: pubkey.asc

The key on my domain will be updated again once I have the NetBSD and GNU signature changes done.


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2020-04-25 00:00 +0000