Many years back I had a dream and vision of work on a network and system with flat or next to none authorities. A system worth to trust.

This was before I learned about GNUnet and started working on it. My initial system never moved off the white board. The white board went into ‘projects to work on’ folder for better days.

I’ve picked up the idea to some extent while I was exploring the possibilities of GNUnet.

In 2015 I’ve started work (read: research) on infotropique OS. The first 2 prototypes were educational failures in lessons about software development.

This whole process is worth an article of its own, this will follow eventually. A rough summary of the story so far:

  • start: plans for a live CD for secushare, using Gentoo
  • reconsider possibilities
  • chose GuixSD
  • contributed and explored Guix and GuixSD
  • a bunch of extra packages grew into…
  • …many extra packages…
  • …an entire repository with core replacements…
  • …a full fork of Guix with another layout and…
  • …different design principles…
  • …and ended with the conclusion to go back to the design process for many reasons.

Futures. Where is infotropique OS/core heading next? I have worked out ideas I want to implement, but some are really just better theories at the moment. At the moment I’m basing my work on NetBSD (this does not necessarily imply that my work will use NetBSD). I will most likely use C as the only (or prefered) language for the base tools. Base tools are not an reimplementation of Posix tools, but rather to develop what’s missing for GNUnet. To test how to improve certain parts of GNUnet, and to develop an understanding of each and every part necessary in the process. So far this involves ‘just’ package management as the next big step, not an entire OS. We might end up writing a remote login mechanism for GNUnet, link shorteners, password applications, and much more in the process.

I don’t want to leave behind the same broken, insecure systems we inherited. I want to pass on the spirit of free information, tools for self-organization. Will this stand the test of time? Where will GNUnet be in 30 years?

If anything, we can lay the foundations. What people use them for after we are gone is nothing we can control. I want those foundations to be good.

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