In the last 2 months, I…

  • released gnURL 7.58.0
  • started experimenting with a selfhosted substitutes + offloading server using 1984’s FreeDNS - Documentation will follow at some point
  • I had to buy a new laptop because everything else broke down.. a big hole in my finances. If you value my work, I’d appreciate donations.
  • I’ve started work on Xen for GuixSD
  • picked up speed with some of my out-of-master packages for Guix
  • picked up some work on dpkg and other hacks for Guix
  • met with Devan at Chaos Congress at the end of December. It was great meeting Devan AFK, and we were able to get a great deal of infotropique OS related issues sorted out. Design of it is moving on.
  • started rewriting the content of infotropique.org, but lack of time and other priorities makes this very slow
  • started prototyping bits and pieces for the templating language for infotropique OS
  • realized I have mostly electronic garbage and need to invest into more hardware for building and work.. again.
  • decided to move away from IN-Berlin
  • decided to keep n0.is
  • and finally decided that the personal blog might move away from this URL once I have the redesign of ea.n0.is and/or n0.is ready

I’ve forgotten a ton of other things I’ve done. To be continued.