After a long break on fish-guix development, I have released version of fish-guix today.

This release includes basic completions for the new guix weather command and some minor fixes. The license has been changed from CC0-1.0 to BSD-3.

You can download it from pub/fish-guix.

The sha512sum for the files are: - fish-guix- c829a0d652ffeb29455130b92fef9937145273d85d67dc4925b4e30746ebba34f7fb4462d419258a13c70e4c33c1402f0e919b4100f49870a4e1c206d0cdb7b3 - fish-guix- 8fc11654aba39b7fee7a43545a8761600da0d34ad24633f81e03fd7329bacb0b8ca9c509ccdef73edbd8d613c1fef6cbe4662b2e1de635a749fc00e4f42fe2ca

I will address the path issue for Fish vendor plugins in Guix as soon as I find time to do it.

Solidarity, nikita