Activity Report

Expect to see less frequent posts as it gets difficult to summarize or take the time to summarize my work. As I had to aquire a domain again for several reasons, you can now reach this website in addition to at and (and some other services got their old subdomains back, like, etc).

In the grand scheme of working on re-organizing and polishing the public perception and addressing all echo chamber WTFs and circular levels of newcomers despair regarding GNUnet: - As a side note in a discussion between Tor and GNUnet, video hosting came up. We are already selfhosting some of our videos, but not all of the videos (associated with projects and people in GNUnet). This lead to creating repositories named like this: gnunet-videos-YEAR. For example aims to holds all the recordings (audio, video) of talks done in 2012. Our video uploads are far from complete.

  • While working on the previous item, I have discovered that slides to talks are currently hard to find, therefore I’ve introduced the presentations repository, aimed at including all slides on GNUnet related talks. It is located at

  • As always I have worked on documentation (the reference Handbook), and more (contacted Tor with questions about Tor design, for work in GNUnet).


Merged: - Updated awesome-wm to 4.2

pitivi for Guix: - Arrived at pitivi, which needs debugging to work.