pycanberra 0.1.1

I have released pycanberry version 0.1.1 today. This release continues the development the original author made.

Version 0.1.1 mainly includes merges of open Pull Requests on github. In practice this means a first support for the setuptools of python is given now.

I intend to maintain this python module now, as upstream seems so cold that it is frozen. I might extend its codebase aswell.

You can obtain the tarball release via the link above, or if you are using guix you can simply add my packages repository to your GUIX_PACKAGES_PATH, which includes a definition for this package, named ‘python-pycanberra-ng0’ there.

As I’m currently packaging ‘pitivi’ which depends on this python module, you will soon be able to find it in Guix master aswell.