Free Software Activities for week 40

Not that much since I had technical issues for a couple of days and university started (which when occuring together at the same time is another box of issues you don’t want to have).


  • worked on Thursday to Sunday on merging cURL-7_56_0 and fixing some resulting issues.
  • Released gnurl-7.56.0 on Sunday.


  • I looked more into gnunet-guile’s sourcecode and read some connected documentation to understand what’s required.
  • Moved the past discussions on gnunet-fs binary distribution into our ‘infotropique-artwork’ repository.


  • Merged: getmail-5.4 (a result of 2 bug reports on getmail)
  • QA: I’ve send in the system/mate-additions branch for QA (basically a feature-full MATE Desktop is on its way into GuixSD, and independent applications in Guix)

In not-really-Guix:

  • I’ve added some changes in the newmoon (Pale Moon) guix package.


  • I started working on meissa, a web browser based on New Moon (Pale Moon unofficial (without official branding). This project is necessary because we can not provide binary builds of Pale Moon in Guix without the explicit permission of its author. So in short, meissa is (intended to become) to Pale Moon what Icecat is to Firefox. A website will be up eventually at with more details.