Free Software Activities for week 39

In GNUnet:

  • started working on the new website
  • worked on the documentation and its build process, introducing and solving some bugs on it.

In infotropique:

  • some local work on autotools

In Guix:

  • Merged: GnuTLS with DANE and made gnURL, libmicrohttpd, and GNUnet build with it
  • Merged: PyBitmessage update to 0.6.2
  • Merged: xautomation
  • Merged: cadaver
  • Merged: emacs-jinja2-mode
  • Merged: gpa
  • Merged: lxqt-build-tools
  • started working on g13 by GnuPG
  • system/mate-additions branch (21 new packages and services), thought about the last missing pieces prior to request for QA, reported 2 upstream requests (in caja and marco), worked on the mate-screensaver locking issue.

In not-really-Guix:

In Various other things: