The state of infotropique OS 2017-08

As you can see I have tried to improve the website for infotropique a bit (help with the website is still wanted though).

So what has changed since the last \“the state of infotropique OS\” post? Many things:

  • We now have a git host (in the community of GNUnet, but addressable with
    • master is still with no pushed commits though
  • The documentation is now largely outdated and needs to be rewritten
  • Goals are better defined in public presentation, or at least it is assumed that they are
  • You will not be able to just point your guix pull --url= at our repository, more on that later in the documentation (Most notes are still on paper and in local systems)
  • Almost all of the work still happens with direct target to Guix directly, so the master repository will only be useful with Guix, not on its own
    • However there will be a mechanism to make it work without a pre-existing Guix

Now I just need to find the time to write the documentation.