I’ll try an update of what I’ve been up to. I’ll probably miss about 50% of it anyway.

guix packages

Lots of stuff, too much to cover all of it. Check the repositories.


I’ve updated the guix package for palemoon to 27.4.0. I’ll see about what needs to be changed for palemoon to go into guix master (if this is possible at all) and I will contact the upstream developer(s) if we could distribute the resulting binary substitute. Otherwise we would have to keep doing what I do - just provide the recipe to build from.


  • I packaged OpenDyslexic, which is now waiting for inclusion (but still available in my “packages” repository).
  • I wrote a package recipe for the weird-licensed Everson Mono. What is this now, Shareware? Not shareware? I was obviously able to get it and use it. Ping me if this ever stops being able to be build, they don’t provide versioned archives. Available in the \“guix_packages_nonfree\” repository.


and a continuation from packages:

  • I’ve started working on Firefox and Thunderbird. Well, mainly Thunderbird.
  • Forget the website, it’s still confusing. We’ve discussed these ideas off the record and in private for a long time now and I’m currently rewriting the website. It would be much faster if someone else would write the texts from what are able to talk about, so that the message is clear as it should be. Anyway, it will be done. Eventually. Soon.
  • hosting location will move


Yes, that’s right: music. A while back I started looking into new ways to express what I want with krosos. This project has been on hiatus since 6 or 7 years or something. Now I’m experimenting and I’m thinking and dealing with this creative project again. It will be very likely be a departure from the attempt to work with people in the band context and probably also not recording the 1 album + 1 EP material I have written down (though themese might occur later on or it might be recorded after all later). It’s good to be back at this, I’ve started this back in school.

And I have forgotten about 34 of the rest. I still need to move away from this outlet. I already generate my websites with Haunt and news entries are build, but I want to polish it a bit more..


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