The state of infotropique OS 2017-06

This is not suited for the official outlet, so it will be posted here.

My main activity in the last weeks has been thinking about order, structure, organization, expansion and start of infrastructure, and the many aspects of the system including how to maintain this the best way so that relevant parts of code can be shared with GuixSD.

Nothing is really “static” and fixed to what I wrote in the Email many weeks ago, the only fixed fact is that the goal is to make GNUnet universal usable.

At the moment I am writing a documentation handbook. I could simply develop on my own and wait for more people to ask where they could contribute, but infotropique maintenance and development will soon run on shared time.

Development is just a one person job at the moment, so I can’t really calculate any deadlines for first releases.

We are still discussing the source code repository location and workflow, so I’m sitting on some unreleased material, specifically the master repository.

Within the next months you should be able to:

  • read the handbook, intended for contributors and those who want to become contributors (later it will be expanded, I just need to make a start for developers)
  • point your guix pull to an URL which represents first individual pieces of this system
  • and more