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posix_spawn(3) project for The NetBSD Foundation during Google Summer of Code 2020 accepted!

May 08, 2020


I am going to be writing a bit more about NetBSD in the next months.

I applied for 3 different projects for this years Google Summer of Code at NetBSD, and the one for system(3) and popen(3) (and more) to use posix_spawn(3) got accepted:

   Nikita Gillmann
   Make system(3) and popen(3) use posix_spawn(3) internally

   The library functions popen(3) and system(3) are used to create a new shell process and (in case of popen(3) set up IPC channels to the new process). Currently they are implemented using fork(2), execve(2) and do a bit of astonishing complex internal bookkeeping. It should be possible to simplify both implementations using posix_spawn(3) and associated helper functions.


   Jörg Sonnenberger
   Martin Husemann

There's the announcement on the TNF Blog:

I've got something else GSoC related I'm looking into to maybe write about later.

My work will be commited to (does not exist right now) and synced to as well as probably elsewhere (for the main repository work).