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libidn2 in gnunet

October 25, 2018

Since we are going to deprecate the 'blog' function on soon'ish (sometime in 2019), here's to sporadic public notes on gnunet changes.

Today: libidn2 support.

This ticket was opened about a year ago when I found this patch dumped on by WJ Liu / multiSnow. Today we merged a variation of this patch:

  • check for libidn2. if this returns true, we take libidn2 and ignore any occurence of libidn.
  • check for libidn. if this returns true we take libidn.
  • if both libidn and libidn2 checks returned true, we link against libidn2.
  • if both checks return false, we fail and message that libidn or libidn2 are required, with a preference for libidn2.