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December 23, 2017

Looking forward, what are my plans for the next year?

  • Finish the infotropique collective website which basically involves:

    • Finishing the website texts
    • Discuss and choose the bugtracker, migrate tickets and adjust to redefined goals
    • CSS styling
    • Set up automated builds for the website and moving the website to (unless someone vetoes and pays for the old domain.
  • Start implementing the infotropique OS codebase (the parts that are not upstreamed)
  • finish various Guix packages which are not really required for anything in my own projects
  • Various services for Guix to beat my own procrastination on services

    • psyced, darkhttpd, geomyidae, gnunet, ...
  • Take 3+ weeks (working hours) off from other projects and finish the new website
  • Same for the new server running
  • Take more breaks. Selfcare is important.
  • I want to offer a day in our hackerspace in Bochum where people can come by and we can work together on the GNUnet Manual
  • Finish fixing up (rewriting) the python based part of the testsuite in GNUnet and the outsourced parts of it
  • Depending on how much progress in infotropique will be done by other people: work more on the GNUnet FS integration code (ie: all the attached work on GNUnet FS itself, gnunet-guile updates, etc)
  • Take a couple of days (in working hours) to track down all the dead links in anonbib

To be edited and extended.

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