Free Software Activities for week 42

October 22, 2017

Memo to self: switch to another format. This time the timestamp in the date (always 12:34) almost matches the time I wrote this post!

In Guix:

  • Merged:

    • shellcheck-0.4.6 update

    • 1 of the many patches in the MATE Desktop series

    • cinnamon-desktop

  • Send to QA:

    • roca

    • first 3 pitivi dependencies


  • Mostly documentation
  • 'invisible' work (discussions on the new server, etc)
  • Public Relations (ie: send out the invitation email we've been working on for the workshop in January in Berlin)
  • and more.

pitivi for Guix:

  • I worked on the package definitions for:

    • gst-transcoder

    • python-pycanberra

    • gavl


  • Adopted the software and merged some open pull-requests, released pycanberra-0.1.1 with the first simple setup.py