Photo of Nikita Gillmann


For enquiries related to my consulting work, you can contact me at:

  • gillmann -at-

For all other enquiries, try the well known addresses, including:

  • nikita at,,,,

While I do have pgp keys, I don't want to use them unless absolutely required.

IMs / Messengers:

You might ask me for jabber if we are familiar enough with each other, but you can find me as nikita` on Freenode.


If your message looks like spam, I will probably ignore it. Furthermore I value plain text emails - if you need to use an Email client with HTML support, simply make it include a plain text copy of the message in addition to the HTML part.

This does not mean I ignore html emails, it just makes it a bit more difficult for me with an email setup which is not adjusted for this decade.

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