GNUnet update thoughts


I am getting closer to a working pkgsrc version of GNUnet, the rc.d service needs a bit of debugging but basically works (just not as it should work). The pkgsrc package can be improved with the coming 0.11.7 release of GNUnet, as I am adding more switches to control the configuration of GNUnet.

The resulting (pkgsrc) package will still feature limited *BSD support. Someone, probably me, will need to add support where Linux is assumed / only code for Linux was initially written.

Parts of the transport subsystem have Linux support, parts of the vpn subsystem only work on Linux, there is an optional iptables and ip6tables integration in the dns subsystem, some features depend on NSS in GLIBC, and linux shows up in gns, exit, cadet, arm, nat, nat-auto, pt, nse, revocation, statistics, topology, and testbed.

0.11.7 will have win32 code dropped we did not maintain in many years and received no patches for, this removes lots of code and makes the codebase smaller by a couple of thousands lines of code.
The GLPK dependency for experimental code (which as a user you should not run anyway) was dropped.