lo and behold

The careful reader won’t have noticed that I went through maybe 30 versions of this website and its design at this point.

Yet another redesign of the website happened, before I’m trying to transition to something which looks more like what I can do, since last year it occured to me that telling others how important websites are in their looks as a virtual representation of oneself but not doing anything about my own is just bad.

The previous version was done in Guile (Haunt, by David Thompson). As much as I dislike working with Guile when it throws errors, this was solid and good for some time.

I have switched to zola, which is a static site engine built in Rust. I have adapted the ‘after dark’ theme, with changes applied to it to fit my requirements. (I’m still working on the template, so no public release yet until I’m not sure if I can strip off all the original code.)

Some would say this does not look “professional”.

The webview of n0.is is and has always been primarily for experimentation. This does not exclude professional looks. The current version is just to take my mind off the attempted rewrite of the guile version. I had a good new design, but it would’ve taken too long to apply. In the process of working more with Elixir and the Phoenix Framework, I will eventually (months? years? some day…) write a version of n0.is which reflects my web development experience more than the websites I’ve had online now (none of them reflect the experience I’ve gathered).

It’s more likely that it will happen sooner than “years”, because I am not really satisfied with this kind of public presentation.

While the ideal future of this website would involve being a node in GNUnet, the intermediate goal is to enter the fediverse with this website.


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2019-06-29 00:00 +0000