My GnuPG keys

Since there are many keys with my name, nicks or past and current email addresses on keyservers, I should mention the following:

pub   rsa4096/0x13F267F66A4B733B 2018-05-30 [SCA]
      Key fingerprint = BAB7 90FE 5A76 DB58 009C  E672 13F2 67F6 6A4B 733B
uid                   [ unknown] Nils Gillmann <>
uid                   [ unknown] Nils Gillmann <>
sub   rsa4096/0x9CFB49AF9384B8F2 2018-05-30 [E]
is an effectively compromised key since the contract with task9 ended. Do not send mails to it, they do not reach me, and do not accept emails from it as they are not send by myself.

pub   rsa4096/0xE22F9BBFEE348588 2017-04-22 [SC] [expires: 2020-02-20]
      Key fingerprint = A88C 8ADD 1298 28D7 EAC0  2E52 E22F 9BBF EE34 8588
and its non-revoked email addresses is the only valid key. Please use this is you use GnuPG. I would not use keyservers at all, but for git commit signing, releases, gnu ftp and other work it needs to be public and it still needs to be rsa4096.

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