About this website

This is the ever broken, perpetual bad design, time lacking to fix, web presence of ng0.

Who are you?

This page is still under construction.

Tech Activism

I've been involved in most aspects of the Free Software community since 1998. Since 2015 my most meaningful contributions happen in various projects; but mainly focuses on GNUnet and projects within GNUnet. Sometimes I venture into other domains, like GNU Guix and the intersection between GNUnet and Guix. While looking into potential presentation methods (for example Live-CDs) for the upcoming distributed social network secushare, I started infotropique together with dvn. While infotropiqueOS and plant yet have to materialize, I went through 2 prototypes so far and learned valuable lessons about Operating System design. For the 3rd prototype I'm back to the design concepts with less rushed work and smaller pieces to build on.

Support my pro-bono/free-software work

If you want to show (monetary) support for my Free Software work, you can use either of these methods (Patreon is prefered):

I also highly appreciate music from my wishlist at bandcamp if you are using bandcamp.

Freelancer Work

Since mid 2018 I'm offering IT Services under the name Gillmann Consulting. With limited availability, as I'm mainly busy with studying for my Bachelor in Computer Science.