Hi, I'm ng0. I'm an all-round friendly hacker and freelancer. You can hire me.

I've been involved in most aspects of the Open Source and Free Software community since about 1998.

My research interest is in the intersection of distributed networks, privacy and security, operating systems as well as compiler and language design. more...

I know how to do websites, but for my personal page this is enough (read more about it here). I keep a blog, but at the moment this is dormant.


general collections of most of my public code can be found in my own infrastructure or on servers of friends (c.n0.is is in the progress of moving to rhodecode, not everything migrated):

other places include:


A short showcase.

  • GNUnet Reference Documentation. In early 2017 I started working on the new Reference Documentation of GNUnet. The previous generation was a collection of (html) books kept in Drupal by various authors. As per GNU recommendations, this book is kept in Texinfo. This is a long on-going project with countless hours already invested. Regular updates of this process can be viewed for your convenience at docs.gnunet.org and tutorial.gnunet.org. This work also includes the man pages in GNUnet, written in ngroff/groff and mdoc.
  • gnunet.org. While the new website of GNUnet is a direct result from work done in Taler, the adoption for GNUnet, discussions leading up to the change, and a good amount of the content has been my contributions to GNUnet e.V.. Everyone is contributing to these writings and involved in the decision process. Counting this as a project of mine would be unfair to the other developers and contributors.
  • /b My web log, currently rather dormant.


A short showcase. More to be found here and in even more exhausting detail here.

  • NetBSD contributor (pkgsrc)
  • GNUnet developer (buildsystem, website, administration, documentation, and more)
  • oneko maintainer. Longterm maintenance of an small X11 'character chases mousepointer' application.
  • GNU Guix contributor, very active between 2015 and 2019, less so today.
  • doxygen2mdoc
  • JS Longterm Vault: A selected backport and retroactive OS focused patching of javascript packages.
  • gnurl maintainer. A specialized curl fork, used by GNUnet and TALER.
  • infotropique
  • plant maintainer/developer. All Purpose Package Manager, subject to active research read more.