software: plant

plant is what currently remains of the previous (second) prototype phase (which was mainly based around an Operating System derived from Guix System) of infotropique. All of the previous motivations are still true and in place.

Furthermore it is now extended with several possible intentions:

  • as a thought experiment (what if we would do this)
  • as a public documentation of the idea
  • to describe an implementation

and last but not least, to maybe implement the described application as well as maybe constructing an OS around it (although I have learned my lessons, I am more interested in other parts of Operating System design, and I am more involved in NetBSD now - main motivation for me in 2019: maybe one day have an implementation of this idea running on NetBSD as well as other OS I have to use)

Continue to the sporadically updated and still incomplete plan. Many parts were written on paper etc.