draft: infotropique roadmap


This occasionally updated posts describes the tentative roadmap of infotropique projects. Since I am not very good with being bothered to updated such documents, it naturally does not reflect ALL of infotropique. Eventually this will be moved to infotropique.org.

  • Version: 0, Date updated: 2018-10-04
  • Version: 1, Date updated: 2018-10-17 Changes: Renumbering

Vocabulary and meanings:

  • porting and modularization:
  • 3 types of porting:
    • plant in foreign environments
    • plant building a foreign OS
    • for example:
      • Gentoo with portage and plant
      • OpenBSD
    • plant using different kernels and userlands to build infotropique OS/core
  • plant: everything guix is (but reduced in monolith size). It also provides a small'ish OS you can boot into.
  • infotropique OS/core: The main Operating System family, using plant and ports
  • ports: currently a monolithic provider of services, packages, and more.
  • ports-wip is the 'dump experiments here' variant.

Unfinished Tentative Roadmap for infotropique, Generation 1 codename Duesenjet / Düsenjet:

Version 0.0.1

  • plant

  • rebased on latest Guix (at least including channel functionality)

  • extended licenses record-type and integration of it into UI and other parts, allowing a fine-grained selection of packages for the mixture of software we provide

  • plant is stripped down to the bare minimum we require, everything else has been moved to ports resp. ports-wip

  • documentation change to mdoc

  • drop translation support (for now), drop gettext

  • services
    • gnunet (if no release is out, either use prerelease or provide this service in ports for now)
  • infotropique OS/core

  • templates: core, cwm, spectrwm, FVWM

  • mandoc as default man(1)

  • ports

  • packages: too many packages to list

  • services: sorted in the services from guix core.

Version 0.0.2

  • plant and ports

  • implemented PLIST phase

  • implemented install-examples phase

  • drop texinfo in UI

  • plant

  • mandoc database integration

  • infotropique OS/core

  • templates: MATE, GNOME, XFCE4

  • mandoc is fully functional (database gets generated)

  • ports

  • services: add xdm service

Version 0.1

  • plant

  • implement fine-grained license control (see TODO "misc" in plant repository)

  • PAGER support for all output of UI

  • finish documentation of plant

  • DISTFILES support

  • ports

  • Nim build-systems is functional
    • Nim build-system, Nimble build-system, Nake build-system or a combination of all 3.
    • finish documentation of ports
    • "firmware discussion" implementation
  • apomixis

  • rebased on cuirass - if we settle for this - and adjusted to plant

  • infotropique OS/core

  • provide a first set of operating system templates

Version 0.2:

  • plant

  • implement 'frozen DAGs'

  • import supports versions

  • hardening

  • 'delete system generations' functionality

  • 'where is FILENAME' tool / functionality

  • UI either can have external (external to plant) scripts or ports gets its own scripts which in this release implement:
    • ebuild importer
    • improved nix importer
    • pkgsrc importer
    • openbsd ports importer
    • PKGBUILD importer
  • ports

  • hardening

  • Use libressl where possible

Version 0.3

  • plant

  • ""is it reproducible?" ledger-functionality for known peers ("friends" and yourself)

  • "build only "known to be reproducible" packages for a system - functionality

  • FHS-compatible chroot environments

  • support texinfo-less builds (with mdoc documentation as drop-in replacement)

  • ports

  • support texinfo-less builds (with mdoc documentation as drop-in replacement)

Version 0.4

  • plant
  • XEN support

Version 0.5

  • plant

  • (start work on) FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, and some more, support

  • infotropique OS/core

  • templates should now be mature enough to start looking into the dedicated templating part

  • ports

  • native support for more libcs

Version 0.6

  • plant
  • gnunet-fs provides content addressable mirror and binary substitutes

Version 0.7

  • plant

  • Some exceptions apply, but now gnunet-fs is the default source for source locations as well as binary substitutes

  • ports

  • Cinnamon

Version 0.8

  • infotropique OS/core

  • offsite data storage / backups

  • templates: KDE3, KDE4, KDE5 (or just KDE5)

  • (start work on) FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, and some more, support

  • ports

  • KDE3, KDE4, KDE5

Version 0.9

  • plant

  • Genode support

  • ports

  • Xenocara