Free Software Activities for week 41


  • spent some time investigating the best way to tackle the 'why does gnURL still need configure switches?' issue.

In Guix:

  • Merged, as part of my work on Buildbot:
    • python-pyqrcode, python-pynacl, python-py-ubjson, python-cbor
  • neomutt-20171013
  • As part of Nototools QA:
    • merged python-fonttools
In not-really-Guix:
  • I've added 'emacs-jinja2-mode-ng0 to the 'packages' repository


  • Mostly "invisible" work (discussions on the new website, etc)
  • some work in gnunet-website (the up and coming 4th generation of gnunet.org)
  • spent some time thinking about the 'bibliography' repository and solutions for it
  • gnunet source: build system: Added a first friendly reminder that 'makeinfo' is now required
  • bug search and reports
and more.


  • released version 0.2.1

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